SJO Dance Academy 

About Us

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SJO Dance Academy is the lifelong dream of Teala Sjolander. Teala wanted to create a dance studio that offered personalized dance training for all ages and walks of life. She wanted to create a safe and fun environment free of drama and stress so that students can learn the very best technique in the most comfortable way possible. She has developed a unique program called the Pre Professional program for dancers that want to pursue dance as career. By having both the Pre Professional program and the classic program, allows the teacher the flexibility to instruct in a manner that gives the students the perfect balance of technicality and enjoyment that they want.

For three years Teala independently studied physical therapy strengthen exercises, anatomy and conditioning for dance. She researched how to properly stretch all the muscle groups, how to strengthen muscles that dancers tend to forget about and how to increases balance and flexibility. Each body is different, it is important that each person knows how to properly align their bodies without forcing their bodies into an unhealthy position that can cause injuries. Teala has learned many secrets of the trade through her journey in the dance world that she is excited to teach to the next generation of dancers.



Teala has been dancing for 18 years and went to college for two years as a dance major. She has taught dance at a high school and a middle school. She has also taught adult summer classes. Her passions are training others to dance happy and healthy.